Hall of Origin Chat

Hall of Origin Chat Rules

1. This chat is for general discussions. For Wi-Fi Battling and Trading with Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl, Pokemon Platinum, Pokemon Heart Gold, and Pokemon Soul Silver, please switch to the Hall of Origin Wi-Fi Chat.

2. Do not SPAM in the chat.

3. Do not Flame in the chat.

4. Discussion about Porn, hentai, etc. is prohibited.

5. Do not attempt to evade a ban or you may be permanently banned or banned for a longer time period.

6. Please speak English in the Main Chat. If you wish to speak in the another language, you can do so in a private chat with other people.

7. If you are offering help with something, make sure that you know what you're saying.

8. Questions? Contact the Hall of Origin owner, Arceus, @ frozendarkness461@gmail.com

9. Lastly, enjoy the Hall of Origin Chat!