Hall of Origin Daycare

Hall of Origin Daycare Rules

1. This Chat Room is for use of the Hall of Origin's Daycare service only. To see what the Hall of Origin Daycare is, see Rule #2.

2. The Hall of Origin Daycare is a Chat where people ask specifically chosen people to raise or breed Pokemon. There are two types of these people, Raisers and Breeders. Raisers Level Up Pokemon and EV Train them. They also will answer questions given to them that involve EV's and Raising Pokemon. Breeders breed Egg-Moved Pokemon, High-IV'd Pokemon, and regular Pokemon. They will also answer any questions involving IV's and Breeding Pokemon. To apply to be a Raiser or Breeder, either PM me when I'm online or contact me @ frozendarkness461@gmail.com

3. Do not SPAM in the Chat.

4. Do not Flame in the Chat.

5. Do not attempt to evade a ban or you may be permanently banned or banned for a longer time period.

6. Please speak only English in the Chat.

7. Questions? Contact the Hall of Origin owner, Arceus, @

8. Lastly, enjoy the Hall of Origin Daycare!