Hall of Origin Wi-Fi Chat

Hall of Origin Wi-Fi Chat Rules

1. This chat is for Battling and Trading via Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl, Pokemon Platinum, Pokemon Heart Gold, and Pokemon Soul Silver. If you wish to discuss anything other than the above, please do so in the Hall of Origin Chat

2. Trade here at your own risk. Avoid trading mulitple Pokemon for 1 as you can get scammed. Hall of Origin is not responsible for you being scammed. However, if you were scammed, report it to staff and the staff will take care of it.

3. Do not evade a ban or you may be permanently banned or banned for a longer time period.

4. Do not SPAM in the chat.

5. Do not Flame in the chat.

6. Please speak only English in the Main Chat. If you wish to speak in another language, do so in a Private Chat with other people.

7. Do not trade hacks. If caught, you will be permanently banned.

8. Do not excessively repeat your offers and what you're looking for as this falls under the category of SPAM.

9. Questions? Contact the Hall of Origin owner, Arceus, @ frozendarkness461@gmail.com

10. Lastly, enjoy the Hall of Origin Wi-Fi Chat!