GTS Ultimate

The GTS Ultimate is designed to offer Pokemon even when you're not online and be notified about someone that wants to trade through E-Mail! The GTS Ultimate, or GTSU for short, will also allow you to post what you are requesting for the Pokemon!

To offer/request a Pokemon, please use the form below, submit it, and you will soon see your offer/request on the list! (This could take 3-4 days.)

Pokemon with inappropriate names, OT's, or anything else deemed inappopriate will not be added to the list.

Hacked Pokemon will be marked with *HACKED* to show that they are hacked. Trade these at your own risk. The Hall of Origin is not responsible for damage or loss of game data due to hacked Pokemon.

If you like an offer and have the right Pokemon that the offering person asked for, you must E-Mail them to tell them that you would like to trade. You must organize the trade in this manner. You must also notify the owner, Arceus, at frozendarkness461@gmail.com so that your offer can be removed from the list.

Your offer/request must look like this:

FC: (Required)
Pokemon: (Required)
Nickname: (Required if available)
OT: (Required)
ID: (Required)
Gender: (Required)
Level: (Required, 0 for Eggs)
Nature: (Required)
Shiny?: (Yes or No)
Hacked?: (Yes or No)
Egg?: (Yes or No)
Moves: (Required if Pokemon)
Stats: (Required if Pokemon)
Pokerus?: (Yes or No)
Ball Caught In: (Optional)
EV's: (Optional)
IV's: (Optional)
Ribbons: (Optional)
Request(s): (Required) (List what you want for your Pokemon here)

Enjoy the GTSU!